Typography: Classic Meets Modern

Consistent use of typography is critical to bringing a brand to life. To complement the new Vanderbilt logotype, we rely on a mix of typefaces, which will be able to flex for Vanderbilt’s communication needs. Serif and sans serif type pairings coexist harmoniously.

Please note, the typefaces highlighted below are meant to be accessible by everyone. We prioritize Google fonts where possible (Libre Caslon, Antonio and Inter) because the forms more closely match our premium font selections. Where Google fonts are not possible, we use our universal alternative fonts (Times, Arial and Impact). 


Note to Professional Designers

This typography guide is primarily for Vanderbilt faculty, staff and vendors. Please see the section at the end for the premium versions of these fonts, which require a license to use. 

For uses such as advertising, social media posts and story designs, high-impact print pieces like admissions brochures, or environmental applications such as signage, please be sure to use the premium fonts (JJannon for display serif, Staff XX Condensed for emphasis, and Theinhardt for display sans serif and body copy). Contact brand communications for further information.

Example of type hierarchy in use

Serif Font for Headlines

  • Primary: Libre Caslon

    This is the typeface we rely on for display sizes (such as page titles and large headlines). Libre Caslon is a free display type family developed by Pablo Impallari. The goal of Libre Caslon was to distill the essence of Caslon, free it from the limitations of metal printing, and allow it to shine at high definition and large sizes.

    Download Libre Caslon

  • Alternative Universal: Times New Roman

    Times New Roman is the universal typeface we rely on when Libre Caslon isn’t available. It was designed for legibility and economy of space. It has become widely used because of its versatility and readability. We 
use regular, italic and bold weights most often. Turn off rare ligatures.

We use regular, italic and bold weights.

Sans Serif Font for Headlines and Body Copy

  • Primary: Inter

    Inter features a tall x-height to aid in readability. It has a vertical stature which pairs nicely with our vertically proportioned serif headlines. This is our primary sans serif family which comes in a wide variety of weights for any application. It was designed by Rasmus Andersson in 2016.

    Download Inter

  • Alternative Universal: Arial

    If Inter is unavailable, we rely on the universal font Arial. A contemporary sans serif design, Arial contains humanist characteristics, so it pairs nicely with serif fonts. Arial was designed for Monotype in 1982 by Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders.

We use regular, bold and italic weights.

Condensed Sans Serif Font for Emphasis

  • Primary: Antonio

    Antonio is a single-weight font, designed specifically for larger display and small bursts of emphasis in all caps. We recommend it to be used for smaller subheads. It was designed by Vernon Adams in 2013. It works best when tracked slightly at 3%.

    Download Antonio

  • Alternative Universal: Impact

    Impact is a sans serif typeface in the grotesque style designed by Geoffrey Lee in 1965. It should be used when Antonio is unavailable. We only use it in all caps. Only one weight is available for use.

We use the bold weight, tracked slightly at 3%.

ig story
Example Instagram story using JJannon Display regular typeface
business cards
Here, we use our classic JJannon typeface for setting the name, and then use italics for the title below. Theinhardt is used to set the contact info. Dimension is added through metallic gold foil and embossing the logo.

Note: The typeface recommendations below are for use by professional designers only and require purchasing a license to use.

Premium Fonts

  • JJannon

    We use JJannon as our main serif in both display and text weights. This contemporary version of JJannon designed by the Optimo type foundry honors the roots of the typeface Garamond but brings it into modern times. Designer François Rappo preserves its distinctive elegance and sharpness from the original drawings.

    Purchase JJannon

  • Staff XX Condensed

    Staff is a sturdy neo-grotesk sans family designed to be practical and versatile in its use of space. We use it for emphasis and small bold accents such as subheads.

    Purchase Staff XX Condensed

  • Theinhardt

    Theinhardt was designed by François Rappo, after studying the origins of sans serif typefaces emerging from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Theinhardt is composed of nine complementary weights, each drawn with their corresponding italic. We use Theinhardt as body copy and occasionally as a display sans.

    Purchase Theinhardt