Merchandise & Trademark


Merchandise is an important tool to express identity and affiliation with Vanderbilt. The university has carefully selected Internal Campus Suppliers that are licensed vendors contracted by the University. Each supplier is a member of the Fair Labor Association and produce quality products at a competitive price.

How to place a university/medical center order

  1. We recommend that you obtain several quotes from any of Vanderbilt’s approved internal campus suppliers.
  2. Once you have selected a supplier and have received a preliminary quote, complete the Merchandise Order Request (MOR) form.
  3. The Brand Engagement and Governance office will respond to your MOR and notify your supplier to proceed with your order. After your MOR is approved, your supplier will provide you with a final quote with the MOR number on it. Please forward this quote to the administrator who will then submit a requisition for the purchase order.
  4. After you approve the art from your supplier, the supplier will submit the art to the Brand Engagement Office for a final art approval.
  5. Purchasing Services will send a purchase order to you and the supplier with instructions to proceed with your order. Please note that the supplier must have final art approval and a purchase order before production can begin.