Athletics Vs

A bold version of the Vanderbilt V is used to represent the Commodores. This variation aligns to the proportions of the V we use for the university, a visual representation of our One Vanderbilt spirit. The Athletics brand will be phased in over time, so check back for more updates as the year progresses.

V icons

Primary Commodores Lockups

Primary Commodores centered lockups


Star V

The Star V is our secondary mark for Athletics. You’ll see it in a supporting role, as a graphic element, tucked in the corner of ads like the Nike swoosh or displayed on fan merchandise. The outline shape of the star is composed of five distinct Vs.


Star V icons
Small StarV spirit mark options

Spirit Marks

Spirt marks, including the Anchor, Mr. C,  Hand VU Symbol and others are available for select use.  Please contact us for more information.

Core Colors

Our core palette will feel familiar. We make the addition of a pure black to this palette to ensure the boldest delivery of the Athletics marks and system. Flat gold is also the fallback to metallic gold, as shown in the university color palette.

core colors
  • Rich Black

    Pantone Black 3C

    Hex 000000

    R0 G0 B0

    C40 M40 Y40 K100

  • Black

    Pantone Black C

    Hex 1C1C1C

    R10 G10 B10

    C0 M0 Y0 K100

  • Metallic Gold

    Pantone 871 C

Hex FEEEB6 to B49248

    R254 G238 B182 to

    R180 G146 B72

core colors
  • Flat Gold

    Pantone 4024 C
    Hex CFAE70
    R207 G174 B112
    C20 M29 Y64 K0

  • Dark Gray

    Pantone 11 C

Hex 777777

    R119 G119 B119

    C0 M0 Y0 K53

  • White

    Hex FFFFFF

    R255 G255 B255

    C0 M0 Y0 K0

Clear Space

Just like in the primary university lockups, these lockups will use the height of their respective icons around all sides to determine clear space for the mark.


Minimum Scale

Please use the guidelines below when scaling our lockups and icons down. This ensures legibility even at small sizes.

  • Minimum width for our horizontal lockups with icon is 250 px, or 2 inches in print. The centered lockup must, at a minimum, be used at 150 px or 1 inch. The V or Star V icons have a minimum scale of 75 px or 0.5 inches.
left aligned
Star V flag

Style Guide

PDF versions of the university and athletics guidelines are available for download.